Handskit 110V/220V Electric Tin Sucker Dual-Use Electric Soldering Iron Gun Electric Heat Suction Tin Pump Electronic Di

Thank you for choosing our product, this product belongs to small power electric heating tin suction device, large tin spot and double-layer and multi-layer circuit do not work well Please read the instructions and health and safety warnings that came with all equipment before you start using it, in order to Make sure you use it correctly.Description:Working voltage: 220-240V / 100-130VElectromagnetic power: 350WHeating power: 30WHeating temperature: 400°CInstructions:1. Plug in the power first, let the tin absorber energize and heat for 5 minutes to use, first try to press the switch to feel the working vibration of the tin absorber2. Put the nozzle of the tin suction device on the part that needs to remove tin, first let the suction nozzle completely melt the tin wire, press and hold the switch to start sucking tin, after sucking, release the switch to spray the tin slag into the tin slag boxClean up tin slag:(après avoir travaillé pendant un certain temps, il y aura des scories de soudure à lintérieur qui doivent être nettoyées) :1. Make sure that the solder suction device is disconnected from the power supply and completely cooled before cleaning2. Unscrew the screw cap counterclockwise, clean the tin slag inside and put it backTo replace the tin suction nozzle:1. Make sure that the tin absorber is disconnected from the power supply and can be replaced only after it has completely cooled down2. Twist out the suction nozzle counterclockwise with pliers, and then reinstall

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